Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fairy Doctor Draft

Progress so far on my Pitch Bible.
Took some inspiration from Percy Jackson and made it about mythological monsters in America, then had teenagers sort it all out. All be it older and more experienced teenagers. Take Erin for instance; he is the actual Fairy Doctor not because he was born into a long family line of Fairy Doctors (he was), but he is knowledgeable because he spent his entire life being taught everything he needs to know about how to combat magical creatures. No montage or hero sword for him.
Erin sketches
Angela sketches
 Angela on the other hand serves first and foremost as an audience surrogate. She is the typical high school popular girl who wouldn't know anything about Fairies or other magical creatures. So she can ask all the questions the audience would ask about the rules and the strange new world she becomes aware of. With Erin providing all the answers through his off-hand knowledge or his families textbooks. She learns as the audience learns over the course of the series. That's not to say that I want her to be the clueless damsel in distress. As she is the yin to Erin's yang, her skills will usually fill in for when Erin's fails.

 Fairy Rath
 Banshee and Werewolf sketches

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