Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Next assignment: Cars

Gotta draw cars now. Its like I suddenly changed my major over to auto design. Still, with this class and gesture drawing, I have significantly improved my drawing skills.
Teacher is saying we need to start printing with at least 200 DPI (resolution) on 11x17 inch card stock.
Bottom right corner needs my name and the title, plus a logo on the top left corner. Especially for my Pitch Bible.
The Teacher then starts by showing us a 57 Chevy Truck as an example. Mostly to emphasize its unique shape and body structure.
We also need to add the kind of car body paint that you see in car ads.
Side view is best for shading, 3/4 view is trickier.
Looks like I got paired up with the Morgan Roadster...
...I can work with this.
Due this Thursday. Just a stylized outline with a painted sphere.

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